Wednesday, April 13, 2016

BBB Urges Caution about Reimage Plus PC Repair advertisements

A customer contacted the BBB and brought Reimage PC Repair to our attention. The customer claimed that Reimage would not honor their money-back guarantee and during an investigation of Reimage, the BBB found another customer who could not take advantage of the same money-back guarantee.

During the BBB investigation of Reimage, we found that the company was accused of distributing malware, engaging in misleading advertising and encouraging "scareware" (a form of advertising that makes PC users believe their computers are infected with malicious software when they are not). As recently as February 2015, eight malware detection services considered Reimage's website to be risky or malicious. In several forum posts, Reimage Plus has defended itself by claiming ignorance of its marketers' methods or by claiming that they have massively overhauled their business practices to correct the most egregious issues. They have cleaned up their website and current malware scans of the site detect no issues.

The BBB has learned that while Reimage has cleaned up its record when it comes to customers uknowingly downloading adware, its advertising practices have left a deceptive residue all over the internet, which might violate sections of the BBB Code of Advertising.

The BBB has located three suspicious testimonials on Yahoo Answers that praise Reimage Plus without disclosing a relationship to the company. The BBB also found a glowing "review" of Reimage Plus that it not impartial, not really a review, and would more accurately be called an advertisement for Reimage. It contains inaccuracies, possible scare tactics and lacks a disclosure about the reviewer's relationship to Reimage or its marketing partners.

Reimage claims to be in the United States, or at least holds a patent for its software here, but mail from the BBB in New York to their listed address was returned undeliverable. The business's website only lists two physical addresses, one in Israel and one in Cyprus.

The BBB has found multiple consumers who claim that they were initially given one price for the Reimage's product, only for it to increase at the moment of checkout. Even though Reimage has stated that they toned down their aggressivity in regard to this type of marketing, a consumer complained about it as recently as October 2015.

The BBB advises caution if consumers see pop-up advertising Reimage Repair products on their PC. Even though does not contain malicious software, the third party extensions that advertise Reimage Plus are, themselves, malicious software.

Without a valid U.S. address, the Better Business Bureau cannot handle complaints against Reimage if any problems should arise. The BBB recommends that if consumers need to remove malware from their PC, they choose software from a company in the United States with a good track record.


Monday, July 14, 2014

BBB Scam Alert: Fake Power Company

A scam that calls from a Kansas City number has been targeting businesses around the country. A consumer called the Kansas City Better Business Bureau and said that someone claiming to be their power company, who also possessing some details about their account, demanded that the victim pay their bill within two hours or power to their business would be shut off.

The same scammer also stole money from a victim in Tennessee.

The scammer makes on-the-spot excuses about why the victim must pay the bill immediately and demands that the bill be paid in Green Dot cards. Green Dot cards work similar to wire transfer. Once the money is in the hands of the scammer, it is irretrievable.

The scam calls from 816-888-3095.

If you are contacted by any utility company demanding payment with wire transfer or prepaid card, hang up immediately and report it to your local BBB and utility company.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Scam Alerts: National Payout Center, Grant Scams, "Insurance Co."

National Payout Center - A company claiming to be in Carson City, NV (451 N. Rancho Dr.) and named National Payout Center called a local resident from a Jamaican phone number, (876) 464-8591, saying that the person had won money. The caller asked the consumer to get a Green Dot debit card and transfer their money.

Grant Scams - They will continue to attack the area year round, but the two most recent grant scams are calling from 202-684-3341 and 202-684-6771. The first scam asks for checking account information and the second asks for the consumer to wire money.

"Insurance Co." - Some guy supposedly named Nathaniel Emokher from Houston, TX, claiming to be the consumer's insurance company. He is scamming people and asking that consumers wire money via Western Union to Texas.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


(From the prospective of a personal injury trial lawyer)

This blog post was written by attorney Daniel Allen of Bautista Allen LLC, a Kansas City BBB accredited business.  For more information click here: Kansas City personal injury lawyers

I am a trial lawyer in Kansas City, Missouri. I have spent my career representing people and families that have been seriously injured or killed due to the fault of another. Most of my career has been spent representing individuals and families against some of the largest companies in the world. I take my work very seriously.

I do not expect any business or corporation to look fondly upon my work or me. However misdirected, I have come to live with that slight. However, despite pop impressions of trial lawyers like me, I am not anti-business. I have a big heart and an entrepreneur spirit, and many of my friends own small and medium-sized businesses.

One of those friends recently came to me seeking counsel on obtaining insurance for his new small business.  While business owners are not normal clients for my practice, I can certainly provide insight as to how a personal injury lawyer might look at risks associated with any business venture.

Insurance! Insurance! Insurance! I cannot stress enough the importance of business insurance. Insurance should be a close friend of your business, and with that friendship comes more peace-of-mind.  Adequate insurance not only protects the assets of your business and your family, but it is also the right thing to do. While I suspect your business has no intention of hurting anyone or anything, accidents and mistakes do happen. It would be very risky to operate as though the actions of your company will never result in someone being hurt or killed. The risks are actually much greater than you know. Your company must protect against these potential accidents and mistakes, and your company must get adequate insurance.

In all the excitement of starting and running your own business, thinking about and obtaining insurance is not the most appealing. Budgets can be tight when running a business, but obtaining adequate insurance is absolutely critical to protecting you and your small business. Matters of liability and risk must be serious considerations in the management of your company. But, the good news is that a little insurance goes a long way in providing that protection and peace-of-mind. Once your business is adequately insured, you should be able to rest assured that your business and your family are secure.

This article will discuss some of the most common forms of business insurance that every business should consider.

Types of Business Insurance

By and large, insurance coverage is available for most conceivable risks associated with your business. Some of the most common forms of insurance include (1) general commercial liability policies, (2) product liabitly policies, (3) professional liability policies, (4) commercial property insurance, (5) automotive policies, (6) workers compensation insurance, (7) insurance for home-based businesses, and (8) umbrella / excess insurance.
The cost and amount of coverage needed for you company will depend on the type of company you are operating and your company’s potential exposure to risk. You should certainly discuss your specific business risks with a reputable insurance agent or broker to determine the specifics of your insurance needs.
General Commercial Liability Insurance
General Commercial Liability (“GCL”) insurance is something every single business must obtain. I say “must” obtain, because not having a GCL is not only extraordinarily risky, but potentially un-ethical.
While many believe their business operations would never result in the physical injury or death of another person, it can and does happen. In the unlikely, but tragic potential that the operation of your business results in physical injury to another, you need to be properly insured.  Again, whether you sell coffee, mow lawns, or operate an accounting firm, every single business has some exposure to mistakes and accidents that can hurt people. Your company should be covered by a GCL. This type of insurance provides protections from legal accusations and lawsuits arising from accidents, mistakes, injuries and claims of negligence. This policy protects you and your company against settlements and verdicts against your company as the result of bodily injury, death, property damage, medical expenses, libel, slander, the cost of defending lawsuits.  
The amount of liability coverage that your company needs depends on many factors, much of which center on the risks associated with your type of business. By way of example, a small accounting firm may have much less exposure to physically hurting someone than a coffee shop or concert venue. You should consult an insurance broker or agent in making decisions on the amount of coverage to obtain.
Product Liability Insurance
For those companies that design, manufacture, wholesale, distribute, or retail a product, your business may have “strict liability” for any defects, malfunctions or deficiencies of that product. This is true even if your company had no involvement whatsoever in the design or manufacture of the product and merely acted as the distributor. Product liability insurance protects against financial risks associated with a product defect that causes injury or bodily harm to another. Again, the amount of insurance your company should purchase depends on the risks associated with the products that your company manufactures or sells. A small clothing store would have far less risk than a car dealership.
Professional Liability Insurance
Businesses that provide professional services should consider having professional liability insurance (also known as errors and omissions insurance). Examples include attorney malpractice insurance, medical malpractice insurance, real estate agent insurance, and insurance coverage for professional engineers, architects, brokers, and construction contractors, etc..  This type of liability coverage protects your business against malpractice, errors, and negligence in providing professional services to your customers. Depending on your specific profession, you may be required by law to obtain professional liability insurance. For example, lawyers are required to purchase attorney malpractice insurance as a condition of practicing law.
Commercial Property Insurance
Commercial Property Insurance covers losses and damage of your company’s property due to a wide-variety of events such as fire, smoke, wind and hail storms, etc... The definition of "property" is normally broad, and can include lost income, business interruptions, buildings, computers, company papers and money. You must consult with your insurance agent or broker to more fully understand what the policy ultimately covers. Companies with a lot of physical assets or expensive assets should seriously consider this type of insurance coverage.
Automotive Insurance
If your company operates any motor vehicles, trucks, or commercial vehicles, your company will need automotive insurance. That includes everything from the local flower shop that delivers flowers, the accountant that pays personal visits, and any business that uses a motor vehicle in any aspect of its business. Just like insurance you obtain in the operation of personal motor vehicles, your business will need liability and property-damage coverage for the operation of motor vehicles in your business.  The amount of insurance your company needs will depends on the specifics of your business; but one must consider that risks associated with truck accidents or motor vehicle accidents are very high. Additionally, if your company involves use of a commercial motor vehicle, or transports goods or persons for profit, then your risks are especially high. For commercial motor vehicles, governments have special laws on the amount of insurance your company must carry. 
Workers Compensation Insurance
Depending on your state, your business may be required to carry worker’s compensation insurance for your employees. This insurance covers injuries to your business employees suffered during the course and scope of their employment with your business. You should consult your commercial insurance agent or broker about your state’s requirements regarding workers compensation insurance and assess your needs from that perspective.
Home-Based Business Insurance
Hark! Homeowners' insurance policies do not cover losses of a home-based business. Depending on risks to your business, you may look at adding a rider to your homeowners' policy to cover business risks such as property damage. But, in the end, homeowner policies with riders only go so far in covering home-based businesses, and you will certainly need some or all of the insurance policies discussed herein.

Umbrella / Excess Insurance Policies
I am big fan of umbrella / excess insurance policies. These policies protect against liabilities against your company over-and-above the underlying insurance coverage that your company already possesses. It’s an “umbrella” in the context that it provides over-arching insurance protection for the operations of your business, and it is “excess” in the sense that it provides additional coverage and protection on top of your current levels of protections. By and large, these policies are very cheap, but provide enormous peace-of-mind.


Insurance, insurance, insurance! Your small business needs insurance. Your medium business needs insurance. Your large company needs insurance. Every business needs insurance. That is fact. If your company does not have insurance, you and your company are acting in a very risky manner.  To assess your company’s insurance needs, sit down with an agent, broker or lawyer, and talk to them about your business. Accidents and mistakes will happen. Make sure your business is protected against these accidents and mistakes. It’s not only financially intelligent, but it is the responsible thing to do for your customers, employees and community. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Scam Alert: Liberty Financial Services

A fraudulent company sending out prize-winning notifications has been contacting elderly Kansas City residents. The letters come from a company that claims to be at 8255 Victoria Ave, Los Angeles, CA called Liberty Financial Services.

Enclosed with the letter is a check for $4,650.00 from a Massachusetts company called Griswold Special Care. The company has had its identity stolen by scammers.

The letter states that the recipient has won $355,000. To claim the prize, the recipient is supposed to pay a processing fee of $3,850.00, to be taken from the provided check. Once victims deposit the check and send the thousands of dollars to the requested destination, they will find that the check failed to go through and will be on the hook for transferred funds.

For more information on these types of check scams, visit the FTC's page dedicated to the subject.

Monday, January 27, 2014

New Kansas City BBB Board Members

A new year means it is time to welcome new board members. Here are the Kansas City BBB's six new board members!

Dan C Mason - Scripps Media, KSHB TV
Dan Mason has been the Local Sales Manager since 2003. He earned his Bachelor’s in Journalism from William Allen White School of Journalism, emphasizing on Broadcast Management and Sales. He has held positions of Account Executive and Sales Manager for local news affiliates for the past 23 years.

Christine Krstulic - Vintage Tech, LLC
As General Manger of the award-winning recycling company Vintage Tech, LLC in Riverside, MO, Tina Krstulic she oversees the daily operations to ensure it meets all environmental, local, state and federal regulations and adheres to industry certifications. She graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1990 with a Bachelor of Arts. She spent her early career with news affiliates where she was nominated for three local Emmys and received the Excellence in Promotions Award from the Missouri Broadcaster’s Association.

Tina married and settled in Kansas City, where she worked in the Public Affairs and Communications Department at Hallmark cards for 15 years before taking over leadership duties at Vintage Tech.

Mark S. Cipolla - Johnson County Tree & Lawn/CSI Flooring
Mark Cipolla started Johnson County Tree & Lawn fresh from college in 1979. In 1986, he began CSI Flooring LLC. Both Companies have operated ever since. Mark’s has been working since he was 14 years old, when he started detailing cars. He is a lifelong Kansas City area resident and currently resides in Lee’s Summit with his wife and three children.

Karl Kramer - McCarthy Auto Group
Karl A. Kramer worked 21 years for General Motors Corp. after graduating from Southern Illinois University, where he earned his bachelor’s in Automotive Technology-Advance Technical Studies. While at GMC, he performed various sales, legal and service functions, including mentoring and guiding the career paths of new hires.

Karl became Communications Director for McCarthy Auto Group in 2012 based out of Kansas City. He manages all advertising, social media, community relations, sponsorships and reputation management. He has been married for 22 years and has two daughters.

Emily Ceruzzi - Global Connections, Inc.
Emily Ceruzzi worked for Global Connections, Inc. for eleven years before being promoted in 2012 and relocating to Kansas City where she became the company's Operations Manager. She is an active member of the travel industry's trade association, the Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers, whom awarded her the prestigious Richard Gallardo Award in 2011. Before entering the travel industry, Emily was the youngest Workman's Comp Case Manager licensed in Florida. Emily now lives in Lenexa, KS with her husband, two children and golden labrador, Samson.

Susan Perziosa - H&R Block

Susan Preziosa is the Vice President of the Client Service Organization at H&R Block, an organization focused on providing support for H&R Block clients. Prior to joining H&R Block in 2007, Susan held functional and divisional CIO roles at Citigroup and General Electric from 1999-2007. She was a consultant with both KPMG and Ernst and Young, leading technology engagements in the manufacturing, emergency services and horse showing/racing industries. Susan lives in Lenexa, KS with her husband and two children.