Wednesday, December 30, 2009

BBB Military Line

Did you know that members of our military and their families are a targeted consumer group? Take young, upward-bound consumers, steady paychecks, add the instability inherent in military life and a you have recipe for scam targets and unsavory business practices. Thankfully, non-governmental organizations like the Better Business Bureau, as well as Congress have taken steps toward safeguarding our military through finanical literacy education and laws that do such things like mandate a 'military clause' in residential leases so that a solidier kicking it in Kabul need not worry about still having to pay the rent on the apartment in Kansas where she no longer resides.

The BBB Military Line provides an abundance of great information for our military community. You can check out it's website at A particularly handy Personal Finance Guide for Military Families is available as a free download .

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