Monday, December 7, 2009

Raymore Scammer gets his due...again.

Rascally Raymore real-estate scammer Carl R. Todd has gotten himself into trouble again.  Todd came to the Kansas City Better Business Bureau's attention in 2005 and was soon identified as a disreputable individual.  In 2006, he received his first Cease & Desist order from the Missouri Secretary of State's office for defrauding 17 Missourians out of $2.7 million.  He topped this with an encore performance when he found himself on the receiving end of an Utah Securities Commission sting operation.  He was slapped with another two Missouri Cease & Desists in 2007 for his involvement in a real-estate scam, in which he stole another $1.8 million. In 2008 it was revealed that all the brokers involved in this scam defrauded nearly $500 million from investors.

In an effort to keep his streak of yearly charges, Todd received a federal indictment in December 2009 for defrauding 31 people out of $2.2 million.  One of the victims was a hospitalized man with frontal lobe dementia.  Todd allegedly stole $100,000 from him.  Real classy, Carl.

Todd must now pay back the $2.2 million to his victims.  In order to do this, he has been ordered to turn over his beautiful prize car collection including his beloved 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1, 1968 Chevrolet Camaro, 1999 Ford Mustang Shelby Series 1, 1969 Ford Mustang Shelby GT and 2002 Avanti.  This is probably the first time that the authorities have hit him where it hurts.  He may be pouting right now--crying even.

Let's all give Carl R. Todd of Raymore a round of applause for his continued cooperation in returning stolen millions.  Click the links below to check out Todd's greatest hits.

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