Saturday, January 9, 2010

Add Starbucks to the List . . .

of companies trying to help you eat healthier in the hopes it will help their own bottom line. From our friends at the Council of Better Business Bureaus comes word that as of this Tuesday, January 12, you will be able to purchase snacks - granola mixes, fruit-like snacks, etc. - with caloric values less than 220 calories and sandwiches with less than 400 calories. They will also add to their selection of zero-calorie teas ('zero calorie' means they assume you don't load that tea up with cream and sugar).

One tip, while a white-chocolate-mocha-frappuccino-topped-with-whipped-cream (see picture) may very well give you a tiny glimpse of Heaven and all it's creamy coffee-filled goodness, don't consume all 410 calories of it, purchase a low calorie granola mix to go with it, and then assume you're sticking to your diet.

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  1. Okay well maybe it's time to change the way we consume our drinks also. Most of the drinks are so packed with sugar and calories that you might as well eat a full meal. I'm am so glad that Starbucks is finally thinking different about it.