Monday, February 22, 2010

How Wealthy is Kansas City?

A recent survey conducted by reveals that Kansas City has gotten some of the good and some of the bad during the recession.  Working from statistics compiled by the Census Bureau in 2008, studied the wealth of the top 420 populated municipalities in the nation (those over 75,000 residents).

Overland Park, KS was the only city in the Kansas City area to breech the top 100 at 67.  Lee's Summit, MO just missed, coming in at 103.  Olathe, KS made out well, ranked at 130.

On the bottom half of the list was Kansas City, MO (265), Independence, MO (375), and ranking in the bottom 20 was Kansas City, KS (404).

Even though KC took a hit during the recession, we made out better than our neighbors.  Lawrence ranked 296. Columbia, MO ranked 301. Wichita ranked 304.  St. Louis (373), Topeka (380), and Springfield, MO (381) were ranked in the bottom fifty.

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