Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Join us at the Kansas City Remodeling Show this weekend!

It's cold outside and by this time in winter, we're tired or sitting in front of the TV, we've finished the latest book on Oprah's list, and even our kids are getting tired of the Wii. So . . . what to do this weekend? Take your family out for a great time at the Kansas City Remodeling Show!

Seriously. It's fun. If you don't own a home - or if the most expensive home improvement project you can contemplate right now is changing a few light bulbs - you will still have a good time. Wonderscope Children's Museum will be on-site with activities for kids. I always enjoy visiting the Beak N' Wings booth and seeing their interesting variety of exotic birds in need of good homes. Other vendors will be there to sell jewelry, organic produce, books . . . you name it. You can even stop by and say hi to your friends at the BBB.

Perhaps my particular fondness for the Kansas City Remodeling Show stems from the fact that 3 years ago, on a whim, I handed over a business card and landed a great job. One never knows where visiting a few booths in a massive convention hall may lead . . .

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  1. Well the Remodeling Show was great again this year. I was so invigorated about what I saw there, that I went home and painted and redecorated my bathroom.