Thursday, April 22, 2010

BBB First Quarter Top Ten Complaints

Here are our top ten complaint categories for the first quarter.

Cell Phone Companies                                      1847
Tax Return Services                                             207
Collection Agencies                                             138
Telephone Communications Companies                108
Loan Services                                                        89
Gas Companies                                                     73
Auto Dealers - New Cars                                      57
Auto Dealers - Used Cars                                      51
Television - Cable, CATV & Satellite             47
Auto Repair Services                                              43
Banks                                                                     42

With Sprint/Nextel and H&R Block, both heavyweights in their industries with customers numbering in the tens of millions, headquartered in the Kansas City area, the top two come as little surprise.  Both decreased considerably from last year's complaints.

Collection agencies saw a sharp increase, more than two-and-a-half times last year's amount.  To be fair, more than 30 of those complaints were against Regent Asset Management, a collection agency with obscure credentials and shady tactics.

Auto Dealerships consistently appear on the top ten complaints and this year was no different.  The other types of business rotate in and out.  Below, you can compare to last year's complaints by category.

Last Year's Numbers:

Cell Phone Companies                                     2047
Tax Return Services                                           289
Mortgage and Escrow                                        125
Consumer Finance & Loan Companies         80
Telephone Communications Companies               67
Collection Agencies                                             54
Auto Dealers - Used Cars                                   48
Auto Dealers - New Cars                                    48
Magazines - Subscription Agents                          43
Insurance - Auto/Home/Property                          42

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