Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Call Us First

Most of you are probably aware that the BBB has extensive experience with scams. We know the inner workings of most of them off the tops of our heads.  Within minutes, if not seconds, of speaking with a caller, we can determine if he or she was contacted by scammers.  When new scams pop up that we have not heard of, we are able to figure out their intentions quickly.  Better Business Bureaus have helped stop countless scams because the BBB has been doing it for more than 90 years.

In today's Kansas City Star, I read about an elderly man who may have lost $360,000 to scam artists in Florida.  He believed that he was paying taxes on a $5 milllion in sweepstakes winnings.  A local aging advocate, Jauqui Moore of Mid-America Regional Council, said that elderly people are particularly susceptible to these types of scams because they could very well be "the last of the group."  In other words, all of their trusted friends and acquaintances have passed away, leaving them with no one to give helpful advice.  Many elderly people left finances up to their spouses who have passed away.

I would suggest any elderly person in such a position to trust us, the Better Business Bureau, as a friend--as someone who can give advice on offers that are too good to be true.  We help people avoid many of the scammers that are currently stealing from Americans and Canadians.

If you have questions about scams or how to avoid them, you can call the Better Business Bureau of Kansas City at (816) 421-7800.

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