Monday, June 7, 2010

Kansas Citians Are a Generous Bunch

When I moved here 4.5 years ago from the East Coast, I knew nothing about the local culture. As my luck would have it, two weeks after moving into our new home, I took a spill and was off my feet for almost three months. My new neighbors, most of whom I had not yet met as it was February and too cold to bring over a casserole, quickly pitched in and generously cooked my family dinner, watched my toddler son, and even swept our floors. It was a kind of generosity I had never before experienced.

But apparently that's just what people in Kansas City do and this report from the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation proves it. You can read all of the wonderful news about KC's generosity by following the link, but here's what I think are the key points:

*Individuals with an income of over $100,000 gave more than twice as much as the national average in the year studied.

*The average charitable gift ($3,375) in Kansas City was 50% more than national average ($2,247) during the same year.

The report goes on to explain that the growth of giving in Kansas City far exceeds that of the nation as a whole. Kansas City has a culture of giving that I experienced firsthand. People who help their next-door neighbors when they clumsily take a fall also engage in their communities by supporting their places of worship, feeding the homeless, sponsoring art exhibits, and by giving in big and small ways that make a difference for the people of our city and beyond. We should all be proud of our area's culture of giving.

If you want information on how to give wisely to charities, check out the KC BBB's website for tips on giving and reports on both local and national charities. If you know of a charity that you would like to see on our growing list of local charity reports, email me at

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  1. Thanks so much for noting that Kansas City is indeed generous! Especially with giving down across the country as a whole, it is great to know that philanthropy is strong in our region . . . we are a more organized bunch about our charitable gifts . . . and it pays to be organized! Laura