Saturday, October 16, 2010

Trader Joe's is Coming to Kansas City

I'm a transplant from Washington, DC.  When people ask me what I miss about my former home, what often comes to mind is not the buzz of our nation's capital or its abundant natural beauty.  No, more often than not the answer is Trader Joe's.  More specifically, I miss being able to eat like a sophisticated foodie on a budget more suited to WalMart.  Missouri has several of these stores . . . they just happen to be in St. Louis. Ask any manager of a St. Louis-area TJ's and I am positive they will recall countless pleadings from Kansas Citians to get a store on our side of the state.

Well, apparently Trader Joes has heard our call and is coming.  Finally. And the Ward Parkway store will be dangerously close to the BBB offices. Score! 

Before this announcement, I had heard that Lincoln/Omaha was getting a pair of Trader Joe's stores.  Seriously?  Nebraska getting a Trader Joe's before us? Thankfully, our TJ stores were announced soon after and order was once again restored to the world.

So we in Kansas City have something really fun and exciting too look forward to in 2011 (besides the Royals' next season.  It will be our year.)  And after watching my 6-month-old devour a plate full of pancakes, I highly recommend their pumpkin pancake mix.  A big thanks to my mom and dad for sending us a box of it from the Albuquerque, New Mexico Trader Joe's.  They live in Denver and I won't use this post to boast about how we got a Trader Joe's before they did.  No, I won't boast one bit.

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