Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jobs Coming to Kansas City

Financial times are still hard in our area, but they seem to be getting better.  From my middle class suburbanite perch, I can see lots of positive economic happenings in our area.  I've already posted about Trader Joe's coming to our area.  There are other bright spots, as well.  Has anyone been to Oak Park Mall lately?  I don't go shopping if I don't have to, but on a recent search for new business attire to wear to the Philanthropy Midwest Conference , I found several neat shops either in the works or recently opened.  In fact one store manager of a new kid's clothing store offered me a job on the spot as I was walking by.  Thankfully, my employment needs are being met ride now, but the offer sure was nice.

Other economic bright spots in our area include the decision by a clean-tech company, Exergonix, to build their headquarters here and create 275 new jobs. Apria Healthcare is consolidating its operations and bringing 300 jobs to it's Sprint Campus headquarters.

Of course, job growth isn't always a sign of good things in our economy.  Convergys Corp, an Olathe company that provides 'collections support' to the automotive and financial industries, is looking to hire 150 employees.  I suppose this just proves the old adage that one person's misfortune can be another's opportunity.

Is your company hiring?  What bright spots in Kansas City's economy can you see from your perch?  Please share in the comments.

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