Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Angel Flight Central - A Good Charity Just Got Better

I am SO happy to announce that Angel Flight Central (AFC) is the latest local charity to meet all 20 BBB Standards for Charity Accountability.

It's great when any charity demonstrates its commitment to transparency and accountability by going through the BBB evaluation process.  To me, it is particularly wonderful when an organization uses a BBB evaluation as a road map for improving how it operates. 

About a year ago, the BBB sent AFC a letter because the BBB had been receiving inquiries from the public. We routinely request information from organizations when we get inquiries about them. The letter arrived at AFC's offices just as the organization was undergoing major changes in its management.  It wanted to become a better, more efficient, and more transparent organization and the BBB Standards gave AFC a blueprint for how to do that.

After much hard work on AFC's end, our initial evaluation was concluded this past July with AFC meeting 19 of the 20 BBB Standards and promises from them to get back to me in a few months with information that would meet the last Standard.  I was positively delighted to receive news last week that AFC has, indeed, done everything it needs to fall into compliance with all 20 BBB Standards.  I know how hard AFC has worked this past year.  The underlying goal of our Standards is to help organizations meet their missions.  I know that because of AFC's hard work, they will be able to help more people facing difficult circumstances and in need of travel assistance.

Nice job, Angel Flight Central.

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