Tuesday, December 7, 2010

JoCo Petitions Against Midwest Air Care

Johnson County Prosecutor Stephen Howe has taken action against a Lenexa duct cleaning company, Midwest Air Care. Howe's petition to the court alleges that Midwest Air Care participated in five counts of deceptive acts and practices and two counts of unconscionable acts and practices.

The petition alleges that Midwest Air Care failed to properly inform customers that it was not licensed to apply pesticide within the state of Kansas, set a price for an advertised special then failed to provide additional pricing before performing work, falsely represented an invalid "notice of cancellation," refusing to adhere to their 100% workmanship guarantee, falsely claiming to be properly certified through the NADCA, and performed work in an unprofessional manner and inappropriate to industry standards. District Attorney Howe is is seeking fines and penalties against Midwest Air Care of $10,000 for each count and $20,000 each deceptive act performed against an elderly victim.

Midwest Air Care was the prime motivator for our article earlier this year about deceptive air duct cleaning advertising.  They were also subject to an ad-review performed by the BBB that began in August, in which we asked them to cease their misleading advertising.  The ad-review went unanswered.  If they had taken our ad-review more seriously, they might have avoided a consumer protection lawsuit.


  1. It looks like I have been a victim of this scam as well. I purchased a maintenance program that included a future cleaning at no charge. I have called the phone numbers but they appear to be disconnected. Are there any recommendations on how to proceed with this? Thanks.

  2. Me too. They came to my home after I called for the 49 dollar special and ended up paying 1500 dollars. They told me (in my pregnant state) that my house ducts are filled with mold and mildew and I needed a chemical application and a uv light installed. They made me fear for my fetus' safety while they were in my house. I felt compelled to pay and ended up doing so. I'm contacting the prosecutor right away!!