Monday, December 27, 2010

Scams of the Week: Dec. 27, 2010

Imperial Recovery Partners, LLC - You may know them better as Regent Asset Management. You know, the company that was recently sued by the Colorado Attorney General for collecting without a license, that collects debts that don't exist, that calls people (who don't have debts) and threatens to throw them in jail if they don't give up their money.  If you get a call from them or someone calling himself Tom Parker, hang up the phone.  If you have already given your bank account to them, alert your bank immediately.  They have been calling from the following numbers: 1-866-351-9793 and 1-877-519-5039. Also note that this company is not affiliated with Imperial Recovery out of Lexington, KY. - According to their page, they pay people to promote products they already like (People with Twitter accounts should be aware that promoting a product you don't use as if you do is illegal). Their earnings claim of $50/month isn't outrageous and this company does pay some tweeters, but it's not as easy as they make it sound.  Most of their online reviews turned sour once they implemented new rules and qualifications and stopped paying people for referrals.  People have signed up, spammed their followers and haven't gotten anything in return. Maybe they'll turn it around, maybe not.

Melissa Theuriau Ads - If you are on Facebook. Huffington Post, or countless other blog/news sites, you have likely seen this news reporter's picture along with outlandish claims of breaking news about making money from home or the benefits of acai berry.
Her name is Melissa Theurieu and she is a French reporter. If you see any advertisements with her face, it is from, at best, an unethical company using the unlicensed likeness of a foreign news personality.  At worst, the ads are from scammers or con-artists.  All of the ads are false-advertising. If any of the ads have English text, you can be rest assured that the image has been doctored. Just don't click on them. Ever.

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