Monday, December 13, 2010

Scams of the Week

Forex Trading - Forex (foreign exchange) scams are becoming more prevalent as economists and TV personalities predict a dire economic forecast.  Forex scams claim that people can make excellent financial gains by exchanging dollars for other currencies then back to dollars for a profit.

Much of the time, forex scams just take investors' money and they are never heard from again.  Even if an investor's money makes it into the foreign currency exchange, profit is unlikely.  The currency exchange is a zero-sum market.  To simplify: it's designed to give back what you put in and that's it.  It is not for profits to be made. Click Here for More Info.

Health Inspector Scam - Con men are calling businesses claiming to be health inspectors in order to get personal information.  It hasn't picked up traction in Kansas City, as local businesses quickly saw through it, but it will probably make its way back again. On some occasions, the con men attempt to get businesses to wire money for inspection fees to Canada or the UK. If anyone calls claiming to be a health inspector asking about your business's sensitive information, inform them that you will have to call them back, look up the number for you state health office and call it.  Click Here for More Info.

Facebook Phishing Scams: Players of the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops are finding themselves the target of phishing scams. Links to extravagant videos are sent to them through facebook and then ask for permission to access their Facebook accounts.  This is not the only group of people to be hit by this type of scam, but it's one of the latest.  Don't grant permission to access your Facebook account unless you're absolutely sure it can be trusted.  Many scammers will use your Facebook information to access other sites you use because so many people use the same passwords for many accountsClick Here for More Info.

Another Facebook Scam was set up to get the ladies. A message sent to Facebook users makes claims about "free makeup." It is the same thing as the other Facebook scams designed to access your account. Click Here for More info.

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