Monday, January 17, 2011

Scams of the Week: Jan 17, 2011

FREE iPads - There have been several sites popping up that give a very generic front page that only says "Free iPad" with small print and "participation required" somewhere on the site. The websites require people to eventually sign up for wifi contract. Before that the site asks for personal information including address, email and phone number.  Within 24 hours, surfers will get spam emails, telemarketing calls and junk mail. The main problem with these pages is that they mislead consumers into believing that a free iPad is a reasonable expectation when signing up for wifi service.  Instead, people will find themselves the target of countless direct marketers and locked into a contract. There are other similar offers involving gift cards too. Same pitch, differenct contract.

Not So Free Software - A lot of con men are good at spotting ways to make money from actions that aren't really illegal.  Some of them charge for "exclusive" lists of jobs or apartments.  More recently they've found ways to charge people for access to free software.  As long as these con-artists don't charge directly for products they aren't licensed to sell, its difficult to prosecute them. Right now, it appears that many of the scam sites are in Russian, but I've already run across plenty in English. Here's an article about them.

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