Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Scams of the Week: Feb 15, 2010

Facebook Scam: "Reporter Had a Stroke on Live TV!" - Scams really manage to nail us on morbid curiosity. If you click on it, you will be asked to download a third party application that can take over your Facebook page and gives third parties access to your posts. You can read more about the scam at this blog or here. If you actually want to find out what happened to the reporter, you can click here.

Millionaire Society - This program, which seems like thousands of others I've seen, boasts "unique" software that will make you $5000 a day.  The absurd claim is impossible to substantiate and the program is set up like a pyramid scheme. It's a lackluster and worn-out scam, but it's suprisingly getting some attention. Be wary.

Star Loan Company - A bad credit loan scam that preys on the financially desperate.  Don't pay attention to loan companies that contact you via email, especially when they have a low interest rate, guaranteed approval or other promises that are unavailable from every other loan company. Factoids has the email posted here.

Data Entry Portal - This is such a weird site (dataentryportal.biz).  They condemn and decry the practice of charging money upfront for online data entry jobs...they then charge people to access their list of FREE online data entry jobs. They claim to have offices in several countries. The grammar on the website occasionally suggests that English is the second language and the website is privately registered so we can't check to find out where they are actually from.  The emails to all of their franchises are gmail addresses. They claim to have an office in Massachusetts, but they don't provide a suite number and there are at least 12 businesses in the building. Nothing about them adds up.

Commission Crusher by Steve Iser - I've never been so entertained by one of these sites and I've looked at thousands of "Business Opportunity" webpages.  It insults and ridicules its prospective clients, essentially claiming that they're worthless and they should do something with their miserable lives. My favorite line is when the site calls readers who don't buy the program "little girls."It makes claims that people can make thousands per month, and in one case, $37,000 in a week. In 5000 words, it tells people absolutely nothing about the program except it guarantees big bucks. It's just as nonsensical as all the other money making programs I've seen.

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