Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Scams of the Week: Feb 22, 2011

We didn't get to a lot of scams this week, but next week will have a ton, I'm sure.  We're looking at a few that have been getting attention in the last week, but haven't had time to really look at the websites. We've already warned about Forex scams, but now there's Forex Signal Mentor that has been getting plenty of mentions on Twitter. There's also a new "diet sensation" pill that seems to have taken the place of Acai Berry in the audacity of their claims.

People's Choice - From Florida, calling from the number 1-888-811-0893. The business claims to be something like Groupon...I think.  They actually give no information about anything, their websites just say "savings" or that they "offer great benefits" to their members. According to 800notes.com, the company makes unauthorized charges to people's credit card or bank accounts. They have an F rating with the BBB because they don't answer their complaints and according to this guy, they are now claiming to be "United Bank." The real United Bank Card is a credit card processing company. There are also several different United Banks located across the country.  They have have fraud alert advice and tell their customers not to give personal information over the phone.

Free Southwest Flights Facebook Scam - Another Facebook Phishing scam.  Don't click on it or you will have your personal information and Facebook account at the mercy of scammers.

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