Monday, February 7, 2011

Scams of the Week: Feb 7, 2011

American Credit Legal Services - ANOTHER fake collection agency with access to real account information. This guy, Christopher Maag, gives additional names that the scam went by and the fact that they have already been sued by the Illinois Attorney General. This type of scam is becoming trendy.  The good news is that they keep getting sued.

Reshipping From Home - I put this on the list only because it's yet another reason NOT to buy into work-at-home opportunities. Well, that....and the Postal Inspection Service has a little video series complete with melodrama, mood music, and action scenes. It's awesome!

Credit Card Scam - We just got a call verifying that this scam has hit the Kansas City area.  Calling from the number (567) 259-9780, a "business" leaves an urgent message about Credit Card information and credit reports.  They leave a number for you to call, but if you call back the (567) number, you will be informed that the number is no longer in service.  The phone number is documented on 800Notes as a scam number.

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