Monday, March 7, 2011

Scams of the Week: March 7, 2011

Facebook Phishers of the Week: Don't click on wall links with the following text or something like it.
-"My top Stalkers are..."
-Charlie Sheen Video
-Facebook Sponsored Weight Loss Product
-"Hey, What the hell are you doing in this video? Is this dancing or what?? Bahahaha"

Realty Check Scam - This works the same as other fake check scams but it involves buying real estate rather than sweepstakes, mystery shopping or car buying. The con men act like they're going to buy a property. They mail the seller a check for several hundred thousand dollars. They ask for a few thousand to be sent back via wire transfer (Western Union, Moneygram). They pretend it is to pay off taxes, but it's just to line their pockets.  The bank will eventually figure out the large check they sent the seller is fake and the money will be removed from the seller's bank account, leaving him or her without the money he wired to the con men.

Jamaican Sweepstakes Winner - Two numbers with Jamaican area codes have been calling people in the area, asking for access to people's bank accounts to "place the winnings in the account." Once people give up access to their accounts, they lose their money.  They are calling from 1-876-571-0684 as well as 1-876-294-0626. Remember, an 876 area code is not toll free. It's a Jamaican area code.

Hijacked Mortgage Payments - A few scam artists convince people that their mortgage has been sold and then have automatic payments transferred to their bank accounts. It's pretty clever and it's new, which makes it more dangerous because people haven't had a chance to defend themselves against it.

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