Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Charity Wednesdays - Finding a Need and Filling It

Last week I shared about why I love working in the nonprofit sector.  Today I want to share my most favorite thing about charities - they are filled with people who see a need and then find a way to fill it.

Sleepyhead Beds exemplifies this spirit to a T.  It was started by Monica Starr who, while volunteering as a Court Appointed Special Advocate, discovered that many children simply don't have a bed of their own to sleep on every night.  She saw that need and has started a charity to fill it.  Her organization is small (too small, in fact, to qualify for review by the BBB) and her mission is simple:  to provide a cozy bed and warm bedding to children in need.  The team at Sleepyhead Beds can tell you lots about why getting a good night's sleep is important for kids, but today I simply want to applaud Monica Starr for exemplifying the very best  in the charitable sector.  She saw a need and found a way to fill it.  Bravo and Thank You.

For more about Sleepyhead Beds, you can read this recent story in the Kansas City Star.

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