Monday, April 25, 2011

Scams of the Week: April 25, 2011

More Tax Scams - According to the IRS: "Scammers have been targeting those who receive SSI or other governmental assistance, telling them that they are eligible for a tax rebate, and that the scammer will file a Form 1040X for a fee. If you hear of this in your area please notify TIGTA. (800-366-44848)." - They say they offer streaming movies for free.  However, the movies have been newly released in theaters, so they wouldn't be legally streaming on the internet and especially not for free. Before being able to stream these movies, the site makes people sign up for one of several offers, including a FREE $1000 Apple gift certificate. All you have to do is type in all of your information and they'll mail it to you.  It is almost certain that they will sell your information to anyone who wants it and you will be knee deep in more scams.  This company caught my eye because they hired a marketing company that fraudulently utilizes Twitter.  The marketing company creates Twitter profiles that use the same phrases and tweets no matter what they're promoting.  The profiles have pictures of invariably voluptuous, scantily clad, women.  So far, they all make the same comments such as "It's a scam I'm telling you" or "With inspiration from the Better Business Bureau."  Avoid any links from Twitter accounts that have ever made those comments.

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