Monday, May 16, 2011

Scams of the Week: May 16, 2011

Google Music Scam - According to Mashable, the as yet unreleased Google Music Beta is the latest bait in an email scam. After offering you an invite into the upcoming Google program, the scam presumably phishes for personal information like credit card numbers and possibly social security numbers. Google is the only group that can extend this invite.  So if you get an invite from anyone else, it's a scam.

Associated Community Services (ACS) - This company collects on behalf of charities that don't even come close to meeting our standards. They are soliciting donations from Kansas City residents. Charity Navigator has already posted an alert about them that links to a exposé news story about them. Some of the charities they collect for keep 80% of the donated money.  That doesn't even count what ACS keeps for themselves.  ACS also asks people for bank account numbers over the phone.

DSM Supply - an F rating with the BBB because of a whopping 63 UNANSWERED complaints to the BBB. More complaints are coming in all the time.  They illegally bombard doctors' offices with junk faxes and refuse to stop. Ever.  If anyone receives an unsolicited fax from this company, be sure to file a complaint with the BBB and the Federal Communication Commission. [Edit: Complaints are now handled by the BBB of Dallas. All complaints from the BBB of Kansas City have been forwarded there for processing. DSM Supply still holds an F Rating. Investigations into the company are ongoing.]


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  2. The only way to stop this is to do it in numbers with the Texas Attorney General and the Dallas TX Distrct Attorney. Go to The Texas Attorney General Website-Consumer Protection-File a Complaint-Telephones & Faxes. You will need the company info which is DSM Supply 11837 Judd CT Suite106E, Dallas, TX 75243, 214-570-0089 . Owners name is Scott Malcolm. Once you have done this you can also contact the Dallas Police and file a police report. Once the police report has been processed it will go to the Dallas District Attorney and charges can be filed against him.

  3. please.... everybody who gets these faxes, spend 10 minutes a day faxing their own stuff back to them. feed the fax, when it comes out, feed it again. maybe they will get the message?