Monday, June 20, 2011

Scams of the Week: June 20, 2011

My Closing Services - Why do timeshare resell scams love Kansas City? Every time we report on one, another one pops up.  This is the latest in a long line of timeshare scams that claim to have Kansas City addresses.  First there was Full Service Timeshare, then Tru Vacation Services and Diamond International Escrow.  Of course, none of them actually operated in Kansas City; they just claimed to.  It's getting to the point where we can safely say, NEVER give money up front to sell your timeshare. I have literally never heard of anyone selling their timeshare after paying an up front fee. The only fees that should be collected are at the close of sale. Even then, be very careful--some timeshare scams say that they've already sold the timeshare and its time to collect. They'll even recommend an "escrow" company to hold the money as the sale is finalized. They're actually the same company and they steal the money. In researching this scam, I ran across others you should avoid for the same reasons:

Continental Timeshare Services (

Key Property Marketing


  1. Be aware of Premier Resort Marketing, which I think it affiliated - if not the same as Key Property Marketing. I was contacted by them to sell my property and it sounded too good to be true and so we researched a ton and found that they are somehow connected, but I believe whole-heartedly that they are a scam and have NOT thankfully proceeded with them.

  2. There are so many timeshare cure ripoffs out there. Its crazy. How are you supposed to know if you are being scammed or not. My friend is having this problem. I feel bad for timeshare owners.

  3. I'm right there with you mackenzie. My parents had a timeshare and now I am being hit with the fees. I never knew about a transfer on the spot scam. I'll also have to keep an eye out for this Kansas City scam. Thanks for all of your help!