Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Scams of the Week: June 28, 2011

Superior Fake Degrees - These guys are back.  Their site was once shut down for engaging in activity that violated their web host's terms of service, but now they're back. I know what you're thinking: of course this is a scam. The very nature of their business indicates dishonesty.  They make fake degrees. But that's not the bad part. Well, that's not the worst part.  They take people's money and give them nothing in return. They also have a giant Better Business Bureau logo on their website. Suffice it to say, this company is NOT BBB Accredited.

Immigration Scams - BBBs have been getting bombarded with immigration scams in the past few years. As immigration has become a hot topic in the media, more scams pop up.  Most prominently was one that had roots in Sedalia.  Immigration Forms and Publications owners were recently indicted on racketeering charges, which carries an average sentence of about eleven years.  We received complaints from many Canadians, Europeans and Latinos explaining how they'd been ripped off by these con artists.

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