Monday, July 18, 2011

Scams of the Week: July 18, 2011

Queen Rita Linus 419 Scam - It's a Nigerian scam with a huge twist. It's not from Nigeria; it's from Zimbabwe. I guess they still manage to scam people, because they still try an awful lot. The email claims to be from an 18 year old deaf girl that got your email from the African Chamber of Commerce. She wants you to send lots and lots of money to secure her and her family's escape from the clutches of the evil despotic ruler, Mugabe!  Once free, she will generously give you $2.5 million.

Midwest Circulation - A door-to-door magazine sales company that never sends anything.  From the 100+ complaints we've received at the Kansas City BBB, no one gets magazines after paying for them.  The salespeople lie about being from a local college and often make up entire local family history.  They are located in Cameron, MO but take weekend trips to cities such as Des Moines and Wichita.

Upfront Fee Jobs - If a job asks for money, go elsewhere--always! There is no reason at all for any job to ask you for money. I put this up here because the BBB of Northern Indiana warns about a woman who was just scammed out of $2,200.

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