Thursday, August 18, 2011

Donating in a Double-Dip Recession

During rough economic times, your favorite charities need you the most. It's no secret, however, that when our incomes go south, charitable contributions are often the first items to scratch from our budgets. 

As the prospect of a double-dip recession grows, there's no doubt that charities, already suffering from the first round economic woes, are going to get hit again.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy has a great post about how our current economic insanity may affect charities.  Just as investors will survive market fluctuations by staying in the game and focusing on the long-term, charities will weather this storm by consistently plugging along with fundraising efforts. 

Our advice to donors is to stay vested with the charities you support.  If you absolutely need to, find creative ways to support them.  At this year's silent auction for my son's school, I'm teaming up with a friend to offer decluttering and organizational services.  Someone else can give the school $50 and I can donate my time.  There are countless ways to stay involved with the organizations and causes that are dear to you. 

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