Monday, August 29, 2011

Scams of the Week: Aug 29, 2011

Premier Properties, LTD. - I'm not sure what else to say about these Timeshare companies anymore.  I have seen one (likely) legitimate Timeshare Resale business after sifting through thousands. I have never had a call on a real one. This one claims to be in Kansas City.  Of course, it's not actually here. They change their name every couple weeks and also claim to be in Florida, Branson, Indianapolis, Delaware, Washington D.C. and many other places.  They seem to be related to Diamond International Escrow, High End Vacation Properties, Holiday Solutions International, San Diego Resale Group, Boston Resale Group, and many many others.  Avoid, avoid, avoid.

Cloverleaf - A company that calls from an Ashland, KY cell phone asking for Medicare information.  They claim to sell diabetes meters and bill Medicare. They claim to be called Cloverleaf, but when pressed for information say that they are part of a company that has never heard of them.  It's pretty recent. 1-800 notes has had several posts about the company.  They call from 606-316-2601

DVJ Trading Company - The company is soliciting potential employees via job sites like career builder.  They violate one of my pet peeves by not listing a suite number in the office building they claim to lease from. This all but guarantees they are not in the building.  The job they are hiring for is a work-at-home administrative assistant.  It is a lengthy scam process. They interview employees over the phone, verify their identity by asking for a copy of the applicant's driver's license.The job description states the following: "communicate with our US based customers to facilitate the process, receive other funds collected at closing and disburse all proceeds to appropriate parties."  This is where they steal your money. In the midst of receiving and disbursing funds, the victim finds out that the money coming into their account is fake, but the money going out is all too real.  This scam will probably just steal your money, but, at worst, it might be money-laundering.


  1. What they do is deposit funds into your checking account and have you send part of it western union, and part through a money gram. One of the places they send it to is to Kiev, Ukraine. My impression is it's money laundering. The website has been looked at by people who look for scam websites, and they have determined this is definitely a scam. Parts of the information on the website has been copied from other legitimate websites. STAY AWAY FROM THIS!

  2. This is the same scam as this by Bayside Management Group from San Francisco

    Phone 8162568785
    Phone 8162568801
    Phone 8162568789
    Fax: 816 222 0480
    1108 Grand Boulevard
    Kansas City MO 64106

    Kevin Chapel

    Derek Cohen

    Kevin & Derek approached me to sell 2 of my time shares.They followed up on every e-mail answered all my questions,in fact it seemed too good to be true.They even gave me 2 people to call for references.. They offered me a really great price and then at the last minute before closing the deal they called and told me I had pay the property taxes up front to the Mexican Government.
    All seemed OK until I realized the recipient of the tax payment was private individual and not an official Mexican Tax Dept.
    Then I did some more home work and thanks to people like you who posted info I realized it was a scam.
    After confronting them..I have not heard a word from these pro SCAMMERS and professional THIEF'S.


  4. That is so crazy. I feel so bad for timeshare owners. There are so many timeshare cure ripoffs out there. Its like who can you trust. I hope everything works out for all timeshare owners.

  5. Definitely have to be careful when trying to resell your timeshare. In this economy, it can be difficult. You could always try turning your timeshare into a timeshare donations though. Its just one of many ways to actually deal with a timeshare that is costing you money.

  6. “I was contacted by Premier Properties to sell my timeshare in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. They claimed to have a buyer at a price of $29,680. My husband and I received a sales contract which stated that we would be liable for a 5% commission AFTER the funding of our sale. We were not asked to divulge any private information other than our legal names, address and the information pertinent to our timeshare ownership. We signed and returned the contract. On 9/19/11, we received an email which contained a request for our bank information (for wiring the funds to us), a letter from Banamex (a bank in Mexico) stating that a guaranteed deposit account had been set up which includes the funds from our buyer, and a tax form from the Mexican Goverment stating that we would have to pay capital gains on the sale in the amount of $3,231. In a phone call yesterday with “Jeremy” of Premier Properties, I was advised that our escrow could not be released until this amount is paid. He gave me the name of Martha Bernal at Banamex to verify all the information and stated that she would handle the transaction for us. He told me to call her and she would give me wiring instructions on where to send the tax payment. I told him that I would be glad to pay any tax AFTER I received the money from the sale. Fortunately, I had done some research and found that this is a pretty common scam. I have not paid any money, but wanted to report this for investigation to try and stop other people from falling victim to this company. Their communications were very friendly and extremely convincing, the documents look authentic, etc. I think it would be easy for someone to be lured by the potential large payoff.”
    (FYI - The above complaint was registered today with the Federal Trade Commission and the Internet Crime Complaint Center.)

  7. Has anyone on here actually paid the capital gains tax upfront from one of these timeshare resales? So far these have been posts from people who almost paid. Please respond

  8. They are not taxes. These companies just steal your money. We've received complaints from people who have paid up front and received nothing.

  9. I've been scammed. I should have done more research before I paid. After paying them the capital gain tax, they said there is another Federal sale tax that might be paid. After I paid that, they said there's an escrow fee. I stopped paying any more at that point, but I am already out $6896. So stupid!

    Is there any recourse? Anyone else had any good suggestions and was able to get their money back?

  10. Beware of timeshare rental scam - Just got a call from a Timothy Burns claiming that he works for a corporate travel agency working on getting rooms for Proctor and Gamber's conference in Mexico in next month. This Timothy Burns says that P&G is looking to rent 200 rooms from my Mexico timeshare property and wants to rent my week. He said there will be no cost to me until I get the money and wants to get my contact info. So classic scam! First, lure you by pretending to rent your timeshare, then just before the deal, he will tell you that you need to first pay the timeshare maintenance fee. Once you pay him, you will never get never hear from him or he will tell you that the conference has been cancelled. Either way, your money will be gone and your timeshare rental income will never come like you expected. It's a scam, scam, scam. Beware of telephone # (312) 546-6611 and (312) 546-6651.

  11. I bit. Out $9,607!!
    Olivia, Kevin, Derek, Jeremy....I so hope prison finds you and the broomsticks reach up through your throats. Die. Merry Christmas

  12. Timothy Burns is a scammer who is well known for his frauds.He has a long history of scamming people by using timeshare sales as a front. "Timeshare Rescue" was one of his pathetic attempts to cash in on the Chavez timeshare schemes. Not sure who he is affiliated with now. He has been indicted by the federal trade commission and will hopefully be behind bars soon. Beware! He and scammers like him will try to take your money!