Monday, August 22, 2011

Scams of the Week: August 22, 2011

Get 1497 Daily - This website makes the claim that you can get $1497 per day by adhering to their gig.  What's really frustrating about this site, is that people must give their email addresses to view a video that doesn't tell them anything about the program, just that it makes people over a thousand dollars a day. Nonsense.

5Linx Affiliates- It is definitely a pyramid scheme, they don't try to hide that, but some pyramid schemes are legal if there is a product involved, like Mary Kay. 5Linx also answers its complaints sent from the BBB and has a B+ rating, so the company itself doesn't violate our standards.  The problems with this company are from the people that sell their products and try to convince the rest of us that it's a legitimate offer.

Scams use a tactic of "asking" whether a program is a scam or not.  They have lengthy blogs dedicated to this one question and they always end with a recommendation of the program.  This is often illegal.  It's formulaic and easily recognizable once you are aware of the tactic. By putting the word "scam" in an article and having a title with a question like "Is 5Linx a Scam or Legitimate Opportunity" the article will show up higher in search results when people search "5Linx Scam." The same applies when people search "5Linx Review."  There are THOUSANDS of search results for both "5Linx Scam" and "5Linx Review." They all follow the same tired formula, they all have the same story, and EVERY ONE ends with an emphatic endorsement of the program. If we were to believe these "Advertorials," we would need to concede that no one has lost money on this program. There have been ZERO unsuccessful entrepreneurs and absolutely no dissatisfied customers, even though most of these same "reviews" state that most people will fail at the program. It doesn't make sense.

Do not trust reviews that try to appear unbiased until you know and trust the source.

You May Already Be A Winner! - Or not.  Someone has been calling the area telling people that they have won $1.5Million, but to claim the winnings, they must give 1.5% for taxes to the guy giving you the money. Scary part: they ask to show up to your house. Yikes. They are currently calling from (716) 200-4945.

"Card Services" - It just won't die. It used to be an automated call from "Heather at Card Services" until she and her cohorts were arrested and shut down. Now they're back and claiming that they are "Visa Card Services" and calling from 1-800-938-7529. They say that they can lower the interest rates on your credit cards. If you can't lower your credit card interest rate, then they can't either. Your credit card company is under no obligation to deal with anyone concerning your interest rate. If they say "no" to you, they can say "no" so some third party. Don't take the bait.


  1. It is amazing how many times I see posts like this here and see the scam later in the week. Thanks for the heads up. I am constantly forwarding these tips to my parents, who I fear for daily on things like this.

  2. Well, I also frustrating with these scams. But I also do cares with it. Your post can helped many people like me.

  3. This article is amazing about 5Linx. You must have tried companies like this before and failed. I know I did . I was in six other companies and lost money. I know why I lost it though. I DID NOT DO THE WORK REQUIRED.
    5Linx is the only business I ever was successful in. I do have the BMW from the company, yes I have gone a two free trips (Europe & Bahamas). I learned to become a networker on products we use daily like gas and electric. It's the closed mind thinking that has people struggling in their day to day lives. Everyone not smart enough for college or have the money to attend. Nor can many get the good paying jobs. But learning a skill to sell can make people's lives different.
    By the way I have been a cop for 18yrs and make more in 5Linx then I do on my job. Pension in 21 months is why I stay. There are many more like me but most won't respond. My name is Marvin Sykes and I am not ashamed to say I help people change their lives.