Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Scams of the Week: August 9, 2011

Publisher's Clearinghouse Scams - This is old news to some. Lots and lots of scams claim to be Publisher's Clearinghouse.  If you receive something in the mail that says you've won more than $10,000 from PCH, it's a scam. If you've won over $10,000, Publisher's Clearinghouse will show up at your door and present you a check, just like on TV.  If you won less than $10,000, they will ask you to sign an affidavit and then mail you a check, with no special conditions.  Scams always tack on a catch. You either have to deposit a check and send money back to the company or they ask for money up front.

There are several different versions of the scam.  Some begin with a phone call from a scammer claiming to be a representative of Publisher's Clearinghouse. Some will be in email format, others still will be mailed to potential victims.  If any of them require anything more than accepting whatever money they are handing you, it's a scam.

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