Thursday, September 1, 2011

BBB's Long History With Miracle Cures

One of the most prominent scams of 2010 involved acai berry products. Many manufacturers claimed that acai berry could lower blood pressure, reduce weight and other equally unsubstantiated claims. In truth, it does nothing more than other fruits.  Manufacturers of acai berry products offered free trials for their super-amazing-weight-loss miracle.  The free trials always have a catch.  In most cases, the cancellation policies are obscure, hidden, vague and basically impossible to fulfill.  Consumers are then roped into contracts to purchase products they don't want and don't work.

I found this interview with Professor Michael Baum, who is a leading British Oncologist specializing in breast cancer treatment.  He is an outspoken critic of "alternative medicine" (aka Homeopathy, aka Snake Oil, aka Miracle Cures). Early in this clip, he explains the difference between alternative medicine and complimentary medicine and explains why alternative medicine doesn't work.

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