Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Scams of the Week: September 13, 2011

Consumers Global Awards - They claim that winners can claim $850,000. All they have to do is wire off a measly $850 to pay for advance taxes. The customer would have to wire the money via Western Union to Leroy Leslie, 401 M St. Queens, NY.  Of course, it's probably just someone claiming to be Leroy Leslie. If a person has less than $1000 wired to them, they don't have to show ID. The recipient also doesn't have to show up at a particular location, so once the money is sent, there's no way to track where the recipient went. They throw around names like Publishers Clearinghouse, and, surprisingly, the Better Business Bureau.  It's Bogus. They call from a Vegas area code 702-765-4513 and 1-888-685-4999.

First US Title - They are the supposed Escrow company for a timeshare resale company called Goldstein & Barnes.  I've posted several advisories on scams just like these two earlier this year.  This one claims to be in Kansas City and is, in all likelihood, a reincarnation of a scam that has claimed to be here before.

Fast Unsecured Cash Loans - It is extremely dangerous to get an online payday loan. The incredible majority, if not all of them, are scams of some sort or another. This doesn't even list a physical address or phone number. If you have any questions or concerns, you would be out of luck. The weirdest thing about this site is that they have a bunch of links to products sold on Amazon.com. So, while they are trying to get you to commit to a loan that you will probably never be able to pay back, they are shilling for products that you couldn't afford or you wouldn't be on their site. So weird.


  1. The absurd majority, if not all of them, are scams of some array or another. This doesn't even account a concrete abode or buzz number.

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