Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Scams of The Week: September 28, 2011

Facebook Hack and Grant Scam - Every once in a while, we post Facebook scams here.  They are so numerous and prolific, that we only post the most widespread.  However, this one is different.  It's not just a phishing scam, trying to get your personal info for unscrupulous marketing purposes; they're trying to steal your money in a sophisticated con.  The scammer pretends to be someone you know and tries to talk you into applying for a government grant.  They convince victims to wire money to a grant writer in order to secure the grant.  This con job may seem complicated, but it can be done by one person.  One person can have several chat windows open at the same time, claiming to be several different people and having them all wire money to a "grant writer" who is actually the scammer himself.

Wells Fargo Fakers - Con men claiming to be with Wells Fargo are telling people over the phone that they will close people's account, due to security issues, if they are not provided with verification of the victim's bank account number and debit card number, including security code, of course.  They are calling from 913-649-1595.  One of our complaint analysts called the number from the BBB main line and it was out of service. However, a call from a cell phone goes right through. I don't know how they managed that.

DLR Sales - An envelope stuffing firm that is soliciting in the area.  We've gotten some calls. I can't say this enough, ALL ENVELOPE STUFFING COMPANIES ARE SCAMS. All of them. Always. Forever. For more information about why they're scams, check out a previous post of ours.

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