Thursday, October 6, 2011

Scams of the Week: October 6, 2011

Bottom Dollar Payday Loans - An unlicensed online payday loan business that has a PO Box in Overland Park, KS.  We've received quite a few complaints on them in the past few months about unauthorized debits from people's accounts. The consumers find it impossible to get a hold of the business to straighten it out. In response to all complaints, the company says that they're sorry and the customer should just give them a call. So, even though no one can get a hold of them, they're proposed resolution is for the consumer to call the number that they actively ignore.

Imperial Distribution Company - From Ontario. They send mailing stating that consumers have won $10,000 and ask for a "processing fee" of $29.95. Consumers haven't won anything. They pay the money and they get nothing in return.

Burkhart Mobile Homes - Scam may be accurate, maybe not.  Steve Burkhart takes money from people who want to purchase mobile homes and rarely delivers.  He tells customer after customer that after a few weeks of repairs, the mobile home will be ready.  Most customers call Burkhart for months on end and are given excuses as to why the mobile home isn't ready.  On the occasions that the buyer actually gets to move in, they are rarely given the title. The liens aren't paid. Nobody but Steve Burkhart seems to know where the money is at any given time. Problem Solvers and Linda Wagar did a segment on one of Burkhart's unlucky customers. Here are parts one, two and three.


  1. steve burkhart takes advantage of elderly people such as my mom. she purchased a mobile home from him and way over priced. he should not be in business. There so many complaints on him , it's hard to believe he's still in business.

  2. I tried to call Bottom Dollar Payday at 877-712-3729 and was able to speak with someone.