Monday, November 28, 2011

Scams of the Week: November 30, 2011

BBB Sweepstakes - Jamaicans are calling Kansas City residents claiming to be the Better Business Bureau of Denver and that they are giving away $1 Million. Unfortunately, the BBB does not give away millions of dollars to random people. They ask victims to go to CVS and get two $400 "Moneypack Reloads," and then to call them back for directions of where to send them.  They call from (876) 420-8921.

Exterior Home Concepts - According to the BBB in Indianapolis, Exterior Home Concepts has been taking money from homeowners in advance for roof work. The company never starts work on the homes and keeps the money. Certified mail has been returned from their local address at 8016 State Line Rd in Kansas City, KS.

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