Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Charity Wednesdays - Women Drive Charity Donations

I found this note from The Chronicle of Philanthropy on the who, what, and why of charitable giving not very suprising.  A study conducted by Indiana University's Center on Philanthropy*  and paid for by the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Foundation found that women were the driving force or equal partner in 75% of giving choices by wealthy American couples. 

This seems really obvious to me.  The charitable sector is about emotions.  We are motivated to give  and serve because we feel bad for animals in need, homeless people on the street, and artists who need jobs.  Women are emotional. Of course we drive giving decisions!

*I'm a proud alumna of Indiana University.  Click the video below to see how IU put the smack down on Kentucky last weekend.  Go Hoosiers!

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