Thursday, January 12, 2012

2 Years After Haiti's Earthquake - "It's not hopeless, it's just slow"

Tomorrow marks the 2 year anniversary of the magnitude 7.0 earthquake the struck just west of the Haitian capital of Port-Au-Prince, affecting over 3 million people.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy notes that in the wake of the tragedy, 60 aid groups raised $2.1 billion dollars, nearly 70% of which came from Americans.

Where is that money?  Has it been spent?  How is it being used?    The short answer is that the majority of the money raised has been spent as intended on housing, health care, and water and sanitation systems.  For the long answer, click on the link.  Because the international aid community was already well-established in Haiti before the earthquake, nonprofits were able to make efficient use of donations.

But there is still great need, and the flow of donations has trickled.  Aid organizations urge donors to continue to give. As one aid worker notes in the Chronicle's piece, "It's not hopeless, it's just slow."

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