Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Charity Wednesdays - Joplin Tragedy Helps Focus Priorities

From the Associated Press. In the wake of the E5 tornado that tragically hit Joplin, Missouri 9 months ago, many of Joplin's young professionals have traded steady corporate jobs for public service ventures.  These young people want to do what they can to help their community recover and rebuild.  In the process, they are - whether they like it or not - positioning themselves for continued leadership in their community. 

There is a lot to be said for careers in the nonprofit and government sectors.  To serve one's community, to create, positive, tangible change for your friends and neighbors, is an experience like no other. People often take pay cuts to pursue the right opportunity and are often rewarded with great job satisfaction and careers that make the other pieces of their lives fit more smoothly.

Life is short.  If an opportunity is out there for you to do something more fulfilling with your career, I encourage you to find it.  Two good places to start are Idealist , and - more locally - Nonprofit Connect.  If government service is what you're after, you can find jobs with the State of Kansas here and employment opportunities with the great state of Missouri here. USA Jobs has postings for positions for the federal government.  For local government, you can contact your city and county offices to inquire about employment through them.

For all of us worker bees out there, here's a treat for this Wednesday morning:

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