Tuesday, February 7, 2012

George Brett & Co. Sued Over "Ionic" Necklace

One of my childhood heroes is being sued. He should be.

George Brett is the president of Brett Bros. Inc., a business that sells sports-related products including an "ionic titanium necklace." Advertisements for the necklace claim that it can rejuvenate your body from physical stress, restores important ION balance, relieves stiffness, improves concentration, and other equally outlandish and unsupported statements.

Frequent readers of the KCBBB Blog will, no doubt, be familiar with our stance on these bogus products. There is no product that restores some mythical ION balance in your body. It's been debunked and debunked and debunked. Like all such quack products, the manufacturers change one or two descriptions of the product and tell the public it's completely new and not at all like all the others that have been exposed as scams.

Even though George Brett's name is attached to this product, and the necklace is somewhat tweaked from its exposed predecessors, it is still quackery. It appears that Brett Bros wisely stopped promoting the product in 2010, but the company's distributors did not. Brett Bros and distributors should have already removed every claim and reference regarding improved performance when Power Balance wristbands were crushed for violating consumer protection laws. Looks like it's too late now.

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