Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Scam Alert: Starnet Payday Loans

This scam obtains personal information from undiscerning payday loan "brokers." People unwittingly contact payday loan brokers when looking for small loans. The brokers send out information to several payday loan companies until one approves the loan. It seems that some of these payday loan companies have no intention of giving loans. Starnet waits until someone else approves the loan, then contacts the borrower and threatens them with legal action, jail, and damaged credit unless money is forked over. The representatives speak with accents are almost certainly outside the United States.  They call from (551) 497-7497.


  1. This is disheartening to know as not all payday lenders had bad intention.

  2. Did you know that even though you have written a personal check for a payday loan, a lender cannot arrest you for writing a bad check if you don't have the money in your bank account to cover that check or electronic debit. See Bad Check Laws - Not Paying Back A Payday Loan to learn how to give these loan sharks a taste of their own medicine!