Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Charity Wednesdays - Donors Want to See The Good They Do

When you send a check to your favorite organization, do you know what that money is used for?  How exactly does it support your cause?

A recent survey of thousands of donors has revealed that we want to see the results of our giving.  We want to see what the money we give to nonprofit organizations actually does. 

At the BBB, this is what we hear every day.  Donors want to know where their money goes.  And they want to know that a charity can account for every dime.

And our charity reports show them that. 

Below is a snapshot from the BBB's report on Bone Marrow Foundation.  

From this segment of a report, a donor can clearly see Bone Marrow Foundation's sources of income, use of funds as % of total expenses, and total expenses for programs, fund raising, and administration.

This snapshot does not tell the whole story of Bone Marrow Foundation, it is only a small part of our complete report and we leave it up to the organization to convey the nuanced message of how donors affect its mission, but in a glimpse a prospective donor can tell a lot about this organization.

Our reports give donors the information they want.

Donors want to know how donations are spent.  What their money goes toward.

How are reports can help

Standards for Charity Accountability

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