Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Charity Wednesdays - European Art Institutions Compete for US Donors

I've said it before - Americans are the most generous givers of any developed country. It's true.  That is, in part, because of a tax system designed to encourage individual, rather than state, support for humanitarian and artistic endeavors.

In Europe, arts have traditionally received quite a bit of government support and have not had to rely on fundraising models that US art groups are familiar with.

A blurb in the Chronicle of Philanthropy seems to indicate that because of Europe's state financial woes, our friends across the Atlantic may be needing to learn a bit of Fundraising 101 and looking to US donors to support their endeavors.

Whether giving to noble causes here in the US or abroad, remember to do your homework and give wisely.

Somehow, I don't see places like The Louvre having much trouble with fundraising.  This lady here is pretty good for PR.  Not that she beats the shuttlecocks.


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