Thursday, April 12, 2012

Reshipping Scams Are Becoming Popular

The Kansas City BBB has been notified of the second reshipping scam to victimize area residents in the past two weeks. Reshipping scammers pay for expensive, easy to ship items at retailers with stolen credit cards. They then ask local people to pick them up and send them to the scammer, where the items are sold on the black market. They target their victims through job search sites and say that they are looking for workers to help expand their operations in the United States. There really isn't a job, they just need a scapegoat when the stores press charges.

The most recent example, "International Sales Services," advertises on Careerbuilder and as a Work-at-Home/Freelance opportunity. Though the advertisement lists other responsibilities, the only one that matters is that the victim will be responsible for "coordinating the supply chain management activities including ordering, purchase and shipment." Everything else in the ad is filler to lend an air of legitimacy.

The person who takes the "job" can be charged with grand larceny if they picked up and shipped away enough stolen product. If at point a job comes up involving this description,the job searcher should flag it on whatever site it was found.

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