Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Text Scamming

Text spam is nothing new, but a lot of people are affected by it. Recently, A scammer has claimed to be Walmart and offered $1000 gift voucher. People shouldn't click any links they get from unknown text message offers, even to investigate the link. Hidden charges may show up on the person's phone bill. In the case of the fake Walmart voucher, many people who got the text message were automatically charged $9.99, whether they clicked the link contained within or not. This sort of thing has happened before.

There are also "Premium Text" charges that mysteriously show up on people's phone bills via third party scammers. These data charges can show up on phone bills when the owner of the phone texts codes to game shows or voting in competitions.

People should look over their phone bill, in detail, every month, and do not text to any group or business they are not completely comfortable with.  Otherwise, they could end up with a hefty bill on their hands.

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