Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How to Obtain Absentee Ballots in Missouri and Kansas

Many people do not know how to get an absentee ballot and often do not know if they're even eligible. In Kansas, all one has to be is a registered voter and 'e can participate in what the state calls "Advance Voting."  A Kansas voter needs to apply for advance voting by July 17 by filling out the application form. Return the application to the county election officer. The ballot will be mailed to the voter twenty days before the election. Fill it out and return it.

Missouri has more rules about absentee voting. The registered voter must be either away from his or her designated voting location, incarcerated, ill or physically unable of making it to the polling station, an election authority, or reticent to vote at a polling station due to religious belief.

The application for absentee ballot must be obtained by fax or in person from the local voting authority. To determine the appropriate office to file the application with, you can click here. A family member within the first degree (parent or child) can fill out the application in person. Active military personnel may fill out a Federal Post Card application and can dictate where to receive his or her blank ballot by mail. The filled out absentee ballot must be received by the local voting authority (via fax or mail) no later the Wednesday prior to the election.

If you have received voting or balloting materials without following the steps above, contact your local voting authority to determine the legitimacy of the documents.

Read more about Missouri voting exceptions here.

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