Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Scam Alert: Ozark Mountain Title and Escrow

The Better Business Bureau of Greater Kansas City is warning potential victims about Ozark Mountain Title & Escrow. The company is posing as an escrow company for a Bellevue, WA company, Event Savvy. Both companies have been registered with the Secretary of State for many years, however the BBB discovered that Ozark Mountain Title & Escrow dissolved and was reinstated earlier this year with a new address and registered agent.

The new registered agent does not have anything to do with the old company located in Springfield, MO. Their current address, 435 Nichols Rd, Ste 200, Kansas City, MO is a virtual office.

The BBB also discovered that this company is related to a previous timeshare resale scam in the area called Diamond International Escrow DBA Premiere Properties, Capital Closing Services and others that the BBB has warned about in the past year.

Any timeshare resale company that charges any fees before you are paid in full and have the money in your possession is a scam. Contact the BBB or your state attorney general immediately.


  1. Just beem scammed. I wish I had known this a few months ago. Wa State BBB had Event Savvy as AOK.
    AOG notified. Bellevue, WA police notified.

  2. We were scammed too...who did you contact in Bellevue PD? We were told no local crime committed so we will contact FBI.

  3. Well they got us too! Has anybody got anywhere with this? They got us for 3600 and and i have contacted Washington state AG and also Missouri AG. Missouri got back and said they will be looking into it and Washington state told me in an email to hire a lawyer. WE CAN"T LET THESE LOSERS GET AWAY WITH OUR MONEY!!!!!