Friday, February 21, 2014

Scam Alert: Liberty Financial Services

A fraudulent company sending out prize-winning notifications has been contacting elderly Kansas City residents. The letters come from a company that claims to be at 8255 Victoria Ave, Los Angeles, CA called Liberty Financial Services.

Enclosed with the letter is a check for $4,650.00 from a Massachusetts company called Griswold Special Care. The company has had its identity stolen by scammers.

The letter states that the recipient has won $355,000. To claim the prize, the recipient is supposed to pay a processing fee of $3,850.00, to be taken from the provided check. Once victims deposit the check and send the thousands of dollars to the requested destination, they will find that the check failed to go through and will be on the hook for transferred funds.

For more information on these types of check scams, visit the FTC's page dedicated to the subject.