Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Scam Alerts: National Payout Center, Grant Scams, "Insurance Co."

National Payout Center - A company claiming to be in Carson City, NV (451 N. Rancho Dr.) and named National Payout Center called a local resident from a Jamaican phone number, (876) 464-8591, saying that the person had won money. The caller asked the consumer to get a Green Dot debit card and transfer their money.

Grant Scams - They will continue to attack the area year round, but the two most recent grant scams are calling from 202-684-3341 and 202-684-6771. The first scam asks for checking account information and the second asks for the consumer to wire money.

"Insurance Co." - Some guy supposedly named Nathaniel Emokher from Houston, TX, claiming to be the consumer's insurance company. He is scamming people and asking that consumers wire money via Western Union to Texas.


  1. Thank you for awaring the community about these scams; it seems that telemarketing rackets are popular now. Seniors seems to be particularly susceptible.

  2. Thank you very much for informing us about their activities!

  3. Then we should be aware about these type of Scams.