Wednesday, April 13, 2016

BBB Urges Caution about Reimage Plus PC Repair advertisements

A customer contacted the BBB and brought Reimage PC Repair to our attention. The customer claimed that Reimage would not honor their money-back guarantee and during an investigation of Reimage, the BBB found another customer who could not take advantage of the same money-back guarantee.

During the BBB investigation of Reimage, we found that the company was accused of distributing malware, engaging in misleading advertising and encouraging "scareware" (a form of advertising that makes PC users believe their computers are infected with malicious software when they are not). As recently as February 2015, eight malware detection services considered Reimage's website to be risky or malicious. In several forum posts, Reimage Plus has defended itself by claiming ignorance of its marketers' methods or by claiming that they have massively overhauled their business practices to correct the most egregious issues. They have cleaned up their website and current malware scans of the site detect no issues.

The BBB has learned that while Reimage has cleaned up its record when it comes to customers uknowingly downloading adware, its advertising practices have left a deceptive residue all over the internet, which might violate sections of the BBB Code of Advertising.

The BBB has located three suspicious testimonials on Yahoo Answers that praise Reimage Plus without disclosing a relationship to the company. The BBB also found a glowing "review" of Reimage Plus that it not impartial, not really a review, and would more accurately be called an advertisement for Reimage. It contains inaccuracies, possible scare tactics and lacks a disclosure about the reviewer's relationship to Reimage or its marketing partners.

Reimage claims to be in the United States, or at least holds a patent for its software here, but mail from the BBB in New York to their listed address was returned undeliverable. The business's website only lists two physical addresses, one in Israel and one in Cyprus.

The BBB has found multiple consumers who claim that they were initially given one price for the Reimage's product, only for it to increase at the moment of checkout. Even though Reimage has stated that they toned down their aggressivity in regard to this type of marketing, a consumer complained about it as recently as October 2015.

The BBB advises caution if consumers see pop-up advertising Reimage Repair products on their PC. Even though does not contain malicious software, the third party extensions that advertise Reimage Plus are, themselves, malicious software.

Without a valid U.S. address, the Better Business Bureau cannot handle complaints against Reimage if any problems should arise. The BBB recommends that if consumers need to remove malware from their PC, they choose software from a company in the United States with a good track record.